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Furnishing your Dollhouse

Furnishing your Dollhouse

Author: Veronica Scott

A miniature milliner’s shop from the mid-19th century including original framed engravings and built-in cabinets. It sold for $15,000 (Photo:Theriault's)

When furnishing your dollhouse, the options are almost limitless. You can purchase pre-made furnishings. If you have both the skill and the time, you can create your own miniature furniture. You can also use printables ordered from catalogs or downloaded online.

Purchasing pre-made furniture is the simplest option. Whether you are just starting out or adding to a growing collection, there is a wide range of styles and prices to choose from. Try to visit some dollhouse shows in person and shop the extensive internet dollhouse showrooms as well. You'll find everything from inexpensive block furniture to exquisite artisan collections.

One option is to purchase the basics right away, such as kitchen and bathroom furnishings. The rest of the house can then be decorated slowly over time. Or, buy some relatively inexpensive “placeholder” furnishings to start with, then allow the decor to evolve over time.

Crafting your own dollhouse furniture is time consuming and takes a definite level of skill. If you are up for the challenge, plans for a wide variety of furniture types can be found online. Or, use the available plans as a jumping off point to create your own miniatures. If you are looking to create your very own style, you can design and build the furniture yourself.

Another option is printables. Printables are pre-made designs that can be printed out on paper from your home printer. You then cut pieces of cardboard or other strong, lightweight backing material to fit. Affix the printable to the backing material to create a finished piece.

It is important to remember than printables can come from any source. Vast collections are available, covering every topic from tables to lamps to candy boxes. However, do not limit yourself to what is currently available from someone else’s imagination.

With modern photo-editing software, it is a breeze to make your own printables. Want to include a miniature version of your own bed or dresser in a dollhouse that you are creating? Take a digital picture, upload it into your favorite photo imaging software, and then reduce it to the appropriate scale. Be sure to remove any background or extraneous details from the photo and be certain that the color balance and hues are correct. Voila! You have a completely customized printable ready to use. Just be certain to account for all sides of anything that will need to be 3-dimensional.

Furnishing your dollhouse will be an ongoing process. Do not expect or attempt to fully furnish the dollhouse in a weekend or even in a month. Allow your dollhouse to grow and evolve naturally, adding details as they become relevant to you. Remember that dollhouse furnishing is about much more than simply furniture. You may want to add artwork on the walls, various flooring options, oven mitts, teapots, even toilet paper rolls. Think about the dollhouse as you would your own home and think of the little details that make a house into a home. Continue to add, subtract and redecorate throughout the life of the dollhouse, just as you do in your own home. Look to sources from designer homes to dollhouse shows for inspiration and let the dollhouse furnishings come naturally. This can be a lifelong hobby.

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